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About Our Company…

MakPro Services specializes in community public outreach and involvement, partnering, meeting management, and project support services in Arizona and the Southwest since 1999.  Teresa Makinen, Principal for MakPro Services, has experience in a wide variety of projects to include large municipal and private construction projects with an emphasis on water-related projects.  She has developed public involvement and public outreach programs for such projects as water treatment and water reclamation plants, water resource master plans, pipeline projects, power plant siting, construction and improvement projects, and alignment studies.

MakPro Services continually works with local municipalities, engineering firms, general contractors, utility companies and developers on large construction projects of all types. Additionally, we work with many Federal, State and County entities as well.

In addition to our full time staff, Teresa works with a group of associates to collaborate on projects of various scope and size to provide clients with candid, tangible results and information on which to discuss issues and make decisions.  She has a passion for completing a project which benefits the organization and its stakeholders, one in which communities and organizations work together for greater success.

Our Services…

MakPro Services provides a variety of services, all with a central theme of “communicating”.  Whether it’s assisting groups in communicating to resolve issues and make decisions, or communicating to provide or receive information for construction, we’ve gotten pretty good at making it happen! Provided below is a brief listing of our services…for more details visit our Services Page.

  • Partnering
  • Public Involvement
  • Public Outreach
  • Meeting Facilitation and Planning
  • Project Information and Informational Materials
  • Organizational Management

MakPro Services is Veteran Owned DBE/WBE/SBE under the Arizona Unified Certification Program (UCP) and ADOT